About Melinda

About Melinda

Melinda’s focus is singular: ensuring that our community delivers a high-quality education to every student. Unfazed by political distractions, she concentrates on finding solutions to the challenges our schools face. Drawing on her experience, Melinda understands the unique needs of our students and emphasizes the importance of well-qualified educators in achieving educational excellence. Committed to open communication, she envisions a collaborative school board that prioritizes the community’s input, fostering a culture dedicated to educational progress.

Melinda’s journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication to education. From her early years of volunteering and working with children, she faced obstacles but forged her path via trade school and eventually attained her associate’s degree while working in the legal field. Despite her years of success as a paralegal, Melinda’s passion for teaching persisted, leading her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood and elementary education in her thirties.

Melinda’s connection to Virginia Beach began in 2016 when her husband, Josh, secured a position with Armada Hoffler in Town Center. A dedicated family woman, Melinda and Josh are proud parents to three children: Alex (17), enrolled in the Visual Performing Arts Academy at Salem High School; Lilly (14), a student at Kellam High School; and Jacob (12), attending Princess Anne Middle School.

Beyond their roles as parents, the family actively engages in community service. They have contributed to cleanup initiatives with “Lynnhaven Now” and frequently participate in the Walk for Alzheimer’s, demonstrating a commitment to both environmental and health-related causes. Melinda extends her service to the local school division, taking on leadership roles such as President of the Band Boosters for Salem High School and involvement with the Friends of the Academy (FOTA) at Salem. Through these volunteer efforts, Melinda and her family embody a commitment to community well-being and actively contribute to the enrichment of educational and civic life in Virginia Beach.

With a decade of experience in education, including five years with Virginia Beach City Public Schools, Melinda has proven her commitment to diverse student populations, from gifted learners to those in special education and Title 1 classrooms. Currently, she plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of education in the Tidewater area, supporting both community staff and students in early childhood education classrooms.

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