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District 5 volunteers

Advocate for policies that cater to the needs of every student in the district, ensuring equal access to the high-quality and free public education they rightfully deserve.

Support plans to retain quality educators and attract skilled professionals to our division through competitive pay and comprehensive benefits–when we recruit and retain the best and brightest educators, we empower our students to become the best and brightest themselves! 

Champion technological and other solutions to support transparency between the division and its stakeholders (staff and the familes they serve), by ensuring that stakeholders voices are genuinely heard and considered in matters concerning them. 

Want to help foster an environment of  human connection in education, with unwavering support for differentiated learning environments catering to students of all abilities and life circumstances, and believe that smaller class sizes, empowered staff, mental health professionals are all needed in this effort!

Support student on all paths that they may choose after graduation, including those who don’t consider themselves to be college-bound. By ensuring that students facing academic challenges are still afforded opportunities to acquire valuable skills, we will create the path for success and to become active and contributing community members upon graduation.

Prioritize tools within schools to cultivate a healthy, safe, and inviting environment for both staff and students, providing a foundation for safe and effective learning to help prevent violence.

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