Championing School Safety

I firmly believe that our schools must cultivate a healthy, safe, and inviting environment for both staff and students, providing a foundation for safe and effective learning to help prevent violence.

Establishing reliable support systems is paramount to this endeavor. To enhance our capabilities, I advocate for the recruitment of more trained professionals with a focus on mental health. This investment ensures that staff and students have the necessary resources to proactively address and prevent potential threats. Recognizing that safety operates on multiple layers, I also aim to encourage an atmosphere where staff and students feel empowered to voice their concerns. Open communication serves as a proactive measure, heightening awareness of issues so that they can be promptly addressed. My commitment extends to maintaining overall school safety and fostering an accepting and inclusive learning environment for every student. Also included in this approach is supporting statewide legislation to help prevent school gun violence. This approach builds the essential relationships needed to uphold a secure school environment and prevent violence.